Monday, May 21, 2012

Tired of egg whites for breakfast

Eating egg whites just doesn't seem to get me full. I'm trying not to eat more than half a cup per serving but most of the time I wind up hungry an hour or two later. I need a new satisfying breakfast routine.

I might just look into "protein pancakes." Sounds interesting and filling.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Vegetable day

Breakfast: cherry tomatoes sprinkled with pepper.

Drink: a juiced veggie drink

Lunch: (pictured) cucumbers, bean sprouts and 1 scoop of white rice. So much for my "no white carb" challenge. I'll start over tomorrow.

Dinner: Kale and spinach salad topped with cilantro dressing.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekend Grill

Meat tastes so good cooked on the grill.

Maybe I can do this "no-carb" thing for a week.  Serena said she tried it and in time her stomach didn't look bloated or stuck out as much. She started to see more definition in her muscles and felt lighter.

I've already cut out all of the sugary white carbs easily, so now I need to challenge myself on sticking strictly to protein and vegetables. I'm going to say I can do it...easily. Let's hope I don't get cranky on the way.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mean green juicing machine

I juice just about everyday. I haven't in a while though since I fell off my healthy eating and workout routine. I went to Trader Joe's and stocked up on some greens for my breakfast juice. I pretty much stick to the same ol same ol: kale, spinach, green apple and lots of carrots.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy hour with the girls

Wine and cheese. This was my dinner with the girls. It's nice to catch up every now and then and just talk about good times. I cherish moments like these.

Internal thoughts- recovering from my weakness

Gosh. When will I ever stay focused and dedicated to my daily workout routine? I could come up with a million excuses, but that's all they really are, excuses. I somehow find the time to watch Youtube, my regular tv shows, catch up on my book trilogies, meet up with friends for happy hour, but can not find 20-30 minutes out of my day to squeeze cardio in.

It's already summer and the pressure is on.  All these sexy bikinis, Victoria's Secret catalogs popping up in my mailbox, women with 3 kids walking through the mall with better bodies than me!

I need to get this body into shape. I need to start feeling "sexy" again. I need to feel empowered and in control with myself. Discipline has not been enforced for quite some time now so my body took the initiative by doing so and added some more blub on my thighs and stomach. *sigh*

Whenever I sit down on my bed naked I stop and think to myself, "If I were strolling around the beach would I find this body attractive? No...not so much." I try to be real and harsh with myself, but the reality of it all is that I'm just flat out lazy. After working 9-5 and getting home by 6 after traffic all I want to do is rest. I don't feel like working out when I can just sit there, eat a nice plate of whatever I cooked that night, and watch The Office. But I know I need to get out of this mode. I think it's the evil sugar speaking to me. It's breaking me down and making me weak. Did I mention we had another birthday to celebrate at work this week? Yep, you know what that means. Sugary Pillsbury cake time with extra frosting on top. Man, did it taste good. I had like 3 pieces.....then a salad for lunch. Why the salad? Don't know. Guess I was trying to cover up my guilt with spinach leaves thinking that would do actually do something.

Okay. For sure this time I'm going to get up and going with my fitness routine starting Monday. I browsed through some motivational fitness pictures on Pinterest so I think I'm good now. Fighting!