Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend binge

I treat myself to whatever I crave on the weekends. All week is steady and strict eating, then Saturday and Sundays are my "fun" days. In time, I'll eventually wean off Sundays and stick to just Saturday binges. 

I've been on and off again with the "Myfitnesspal" app. The main reason being- I eat the same thing everyday. It gets boring and repetitive recording the same meals. I pretty much know what 1200 calories a day looks like.

I measured myself today, and the results are pretty much the same. Not that I'm disappointed, but just a little surprised that my healthier eating habits haven't effected my numbers.

Starting tomorrow, no more white carbs. I'm promising myself that much at least. I read somewhere that fruits don't help contribute to weight loss as well. Well, let's put that to the test. Fruit and white carbs are black listed for now during the week. This is definitely a challenge. Let's hope this works.


  1. Hey there! Thanks for the nice comment on my site! I'm in AZ too...Tucson. Definitely still hot out there.

  2. Note to self. Do not read blogs on an empty stomach. I just salivated at the sight of all those goodies. lol!

  3. Those pictures look delicious!! I need to cut out white carbs too! I uses to cut out all carbs and then craved them when I was pregnant! Looking forward to seeing how it went!