Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I started Yoga for the first time yesterday.

All these years I would hear just how great yoga was and how beneficial it is to one's health. I always brushed that "opinion" off to the side and continued on with my life.

Yoga just looked, well, like easy stretching for adults. How could this popular workout fad help you lose weight and add to with core training?

Yes, I was so ignorant back then. I obviously didn't know anything about health and certainly wasn't aware on just how out of shape I had become over the last couple of years.

Although I didn't make an official new year's resolution, I promised myself that I would at least stay active 5 times out of the week. Be it gym, neighborhood walking, or home workout videos, I needed to do some type of physical activity.

Today I was too lazy to go to the gym (and I hate driving anywhere during rush hour.) So, I turned to my handy dandy Netflix and resumed back to this yoga video I found yesterday. I figured, hey, it's free. Why not see what this whole yoga thing is all about. Will this really give me a workout and leave me with a sense of challenge?

Thirty minutes later and I was feeling pretty good. The exercises actually targeted muscles I forgot I even had. I learned how to control and focus on my breathing while still feeling relaxed. I must say, I'm pretty hooked now. It's my second day and I'm somewhat sore already.

If you have Netflix, I recommend checking out Healing Yoga- For Common Conditions by Lisa and Charles Matkin. In my opinion, it's a good beginners video with a steady pace making it easy to follow along.

Have you tried yoga? How was your experience and what are your favorite videos or exercises?


  1. Im still slowly finding my yoga love--but I love me some Rodney Yee.


  2. I sort of feel I need to lose weight BEFORE going to yoga.. :S