Monday, January 30, 2012

Late night discoveries

I'm laying on the couch resisting my heavy eyes as the clock reads midnight. I always know when I've stayed up too late when the tv shows have been replaced with hyper sale pitched infomercials.

This night was actually going to be worth it for once.

I stay tuned to this one in particular and my eyes are glued to these great bodies and defined abs. (Isn't that how they all start out anyway.) It's too late. I can't look away now. The girls look nice and slender while the guys look muscular and tone. It's that moment where I look down at my own body and question why I wasn't just born with some nice tight buns or sharp sculpted arms. Yes, it was one of those fitness infomercials, but one that caught my attention.

Shaun T's Insanity workout is what it was called. I liked what I saw, I liked what I was hearing, and I liked to imagine I could achieve those same results as those people on that commercial. Now two weeks later here I am with the collection in my possession.

Wow. This thing is no joke. I thought P90x was hard. Phew, that is nothing compared to this. Who would of thought that doing some cherry pickers and mountain climbers, things that I had once learned in elementary school, got me down a pant size in just under 2 weeks.
I sweat so much with this high intensity cardio workout that in the end my throat is burning from me gasping for air.

So far so good. It's rewarding knowing that I actually achieved something productive (health wise) and can actually feel the results.

Here's a preview of the high interval workouts. It's not easy, I'll tell you that. When I did the first video, The Fit Test, I started sweating after 4 minutes. I don't think I even made it past the 15 minute mark. That's okay though. Where ever I leave off I just pick up right up from there the next day.

Burn, baby, burn.


  1. Yeahhh!! Burn, baby, burrrrn!!! :D Don't you just love that feeling of when you're done? I DID IT, that kind of feeling? :D

  2. You know you've had a good workout when you sweat lots!