Sunday, August 19, 2012

Enjoyed my last "all out weekend"

So little chips, so many fat grams. 

Some days I eat better than others. This whole weekend was classified as the "others." It started on Thursday. I was c-r-a-v-i-n-g Velveeta's macaroni and cheese and just had to have that for dinner. Not to mention that earlier that afternoon I indulged in some Cheetos at work. My taste buds must of been in need of some faux cheese.

Friday was filled with carbs galore. A co-worker brought in bagels for breakfast and then there was cake for another office birthday. Lunch was just a couple of fruits. I was saving room for dinner which was 2 rushi rolls, Vegas and spicy salmon. Oh, I don't hold back on the soy sauce either.

Saturday was my resting day. I pretty much just lounged around the house making it a Sex and the City marathon. Man, what I would give to have Sarah Jessica Parker's body. I went to the gym earlier that morning followed by a thick protein shake. Come lunch time I was so hungry I had a plate full of brown rice mixed with multiple side dishes. Dinner was a lazy one- ramyun noodles. Then an hour later I was feeling in need for a treat. Ice cream sandwiches, so delicious AND addicting. And now it's the last day of my weekend, Sunday. Breakfast was skipped due to sleeping in. I had buffalo wings with a side of carrot sticks and butter rice for lunch. For dinner it was spicy tofu soup with a small side of white rice. Of course I was craving a dessert AGAIN. This time it was a piece of white vanilla cake.

Tomorrow is a new start. I'm excited. Oh, and a new beginning of my quasitarian diet begins. 

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