Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Stats

age- 25
weight- 141.8 (lbs)
lowest weight- 117
ideal weight- 110
goal weight- 120
height- 5'2

arms- 11 (inches)
chest- 36
stomach- 36
hips- 39
thighs- 23

Today was leg day and I'm proud that I pushed myself pretty hard. An hour and a half later my legs were like jello. I always favor my legs and thighs and I find it easier to start the week with my favorite body parts.It gets me motivated and pumped up for the rest of my workout week.

This is my usual leg workout routine-

Leg Press- 3 sets of 20 reps/ 45lbs on each side
Leg Extensions- 3 sets of 12/ 75lbs (using both legs)
                           3 sets of 15/ 40lbs (using one leg)
Hamstring Leg Curls- 2 sets of 10/ 50lbs
Bent leg Kickbacks- 3 sets of 15/ 20lbs
Inner Thigh machine- 1 set of 50/ 145lbs
Outer Thigh machine- 1 set of 50/ 145lbs
Ball Squats- 2 sets of 50 seconds (holding  in squat position)
Ball Squats- 1 set of  10 (squatting halfway then coming back up, squatting back down....holding 20lbs in each arm)
Calf Rises- 3 sets of 10/ 195 lbs
Cardio- 5 minutes on bike at level 9
             10 minutes walking at speed 3.7

Now keep in mind that these aren't my starting off weights. These results are a year's worth of working out my legs and slowly increasing the numbers. They've definitely toned up since January, but I'd like to now focus on my butt. It could be a little firmer and more defined.

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