Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No more


We've all had those days where we push our goals aside for another time. One day leads to one week, then leads to one month.

When I first signed up for the gym it took me a whole year to commit and go continuously. I wasted time going just once a week, or even once in a blue moon. What results were I expecting to get with that kind of determination??

Then I made myself a new year's resolution. I would make it a point to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, but ideally 5 times if possible. Surprisingly, I stuck to it and achieved results that wouldn't have been accomplished with procrastination or laziness as I call it.

I found that going to the gym in the mornings was easier for me. As soon as my alarm would go off I would spring up and start on my preworkout drink. The first month was kind of a dragger though. I wasn't seeing results and I didn't see the pounds dropping off the scale.
It wasn't until the second month I started seeing some muscle definition. My legs started toning up and my arms were slimming down. That was the result I was looking for. Just that little push. I needed to see some type of achievement even if it was little. My weight remained the same, but  I didn't care. The weight stayed on, but the fat got switched into progress.

That's all it took, just that little glimpse of those results to get me on my path now.


  1. That is some serious determination! I'm so sleepy in the morning I feel like I don't "get into" the workout enough. I've tried a thousand times, but I'm a mid-day exerciser. I guess whatever works is good. :)

  2. I so agree- there is an expression: "Nothing succeeds like success" which I take to mean, once you get a taste of being successful, there is nothing more motivating.

  3. That's great! The results usually spur us on to continue striving hard towards our goals.

    Here's to an even better and more successful year. You just got your eighth follower. ;-)

    Come visit at sometime.